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This past year especially, those brilliant people at Google have been doing a smash up job in bringing whatever it is you are searching for to the top of their search engine results. In general I appreciate this at least as much as the rest of us, however as a search engine optimization specialist I find myself irritated by the changes that are reshuffling the search engine results deck.

The formula we follow
to achieve B&B success:

  • Analyze your business situation
  • Design your website for sales and success
  • Optimize your website code around best keywords
  • Link Building and directory submission
  • Social Media Promotion

We have the training and experience to make your business succeed! Our goal is to create for you a continual experience of being booked months in advance! With over a dozen years of experience we understand the bed and breakfast business. We know that your true success is being the best B&B in your area and for you to reach that goal you need the natural, organic search results to list your establishment at the top of the first page. We will make that happen, guaranteed!

Anam Kinsey - BnB SEO, CEO

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By now it is an open secret that to succeed in the search engine results you have to address these following basic criteria:

  • Optimize your website and its code for appropriate search phrases
  • Create and pursue links back to your website

For those self-made people out there this is the recipe for success. There really isn't anything else to it... unless you are interested in HOW each of these items are done and done in a better way than your competition is doing it.

There are plenty of websites, guide books and gurus that are easily find-able in the world wide web. Generally speaking, there are few actual secrets to the process these days. The reality though is that it is going to take a great deal of time to learn what it is you really need to do. Then in the end, after following too many quick and easy roads leading nowhere, you will come to the truthful conclusion that it takes many, many hours of careful work to achieve the unparalleled experience of seeing your website at the top of the search engine results.

I can tell you that it is tremendously satisfying to finally witness this event, after years of mistakes and lessons. If you don't mind waiting years to fill up your B&B; if you have plenty of free time to devote to learning the skills; if you have the innate talent of being able to grasp the whole gestalt of search engine ranking, then I highly recommend pursuing the goal of website search engine success by yourself. Like I said it is tremendously satisfying to watch your website creep up the search engine rankings and then, after months and years of effort, see your website on the first page of google's search engine results.

But, if your goal is not to become a SEO professional then why get a degree? I will tell you honestly that even when you finally learn how to do it, you still have to put in many, many hours to achieve your goal. It is not magic, there are few -if any- secrets that you can't learn with patient study. The only secret that I know of is that it takes lots of hard work. If someone is trying to convince you it is quick and easy, that they know shortcuts, they know secrets... then believe them at your peril.

Having your business website show at the top of search engine results for the most popularly searched phrases, will make the difference between success and an unending struggle to stay afloat.

Search Engine Optimization, ironically, is not all there is to search engine ranking success. In a competitive market like the accommodation industry you simply cannot win the SEO game if you ignore promoting your business as a broader intention. To clarify, S.E.O. has developed to a degree that it is no longer really possible to do one without doing the other. Promoting your business in any way will result in higher rankings in the search engine results and for S.E.O to be truly effective it must be done with a consideration to business promotion through all means available.

Here at BnBSEO our interest and expertise does not stop at simply using Search Engine Optimizing techniques to promote your website, though you will find many S.E.O. professionals that will do just this. Nor do we charge you a huge monthly fee to get hundreds of "quality links" to your website. Honestly, even though, a properly optimized website will have a tremendous influence on your search engine results, web site optimization alone is not enough. Also, even though hundreds of links to your website will have a noticeable effect on your search engine ranking, that also is not enough all by itself.

Optimizing your website alone can make the difference between page twenty and page three in the search engine results. Hundreds of links to your site can have a "flash in the pan" effect on your rankings, that in theory can be replicated month after month. But if your BnB is in a highly competitive location, you need a durable and easily sustainable approach that will increase your search engine results ranking for the long haul. There is no need to maintain the "flash in the pan" by burning hundreds of your limited dollars month after month when you could take a balanced, long term and intelligent approach that will result in your website getting to the top and staying at the top.

Here at BnBSEO we know the B&B business. We know what causes the results that you need to make that jump from "just getting by" to a position where you are continually improving your accommodations while increasing your monthly income as well.

In a competitive category such as Bed and Breakfast Inns, Page one in the search engine results will only happen with a well planned and broad, solid promotional effort! There is a significant difference between merely promoting your website and promoting your business. Only using onsite optimization or only buying a link building strategy, will usually not be adequate in the long run; the only way to consistently win, over the long term, is to continually promote your business along with your website - on site and online.

business promotion business success
An actual graph of a website's increase in visitors over a 6 week period.

Using the proper analytics tools makes it easy to follow your success. Here is a graph generated by Google's Analytics tool that show the steady increase in visitors after an SEO and promotional effort for this bed and breakfast website not too long ago.

Another graphic example of promotional success
over just 4 weeks
website promotion success

A promotion and SEO overhaul generated a huge upswing in visitors over just a 30 day period in the spring of 2011. Even though the site was doing OK when we started, with the proper SEO and attention the visitor count doubled in just a month.

This kind of success is what you too will experience when you partner with us to promote your business!

Website Promotion Process

excellent website seo

Search Engine Optimization Specialists

  • Latest tools and diagnostic technology to ACCURATELY analyze your website and how well it works for you.
  • We can accurately diagnose where your business needs the attention most.
  • Technical support staff will help you with any problems as soon as they arise.

Not Just Search Engines

Clearly search engines are the source of most of the business that will come your way. But to rely only on search engines could lead to a flash of success followed by mediocrity. In your highly competitive market you will not be the only business trying to get to the top. You will also have to continue the effort and use as many tools you can find to assure your continued success.

Here is a sample list that we generate while promoting your business and website. There are many directories that are anxious to list your business, most will do so free. Listing with these websites and directories will not only bring you traffic directly but the links in their pages leading to your web site are necessary to push through the competition and breathe that rarefied air only found at the top of a highly competitive search engine results page.

promote business listings
Thinking about hiring an automated directory submission service? Read this first/instead.

With over 12 years experience with Bed and Breakfast management and promotion we understand your business and can help you promote it.

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"We only take one select client from each tourist destination and we make it Number One in the search engine results!"

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"When BnbSEO started promoting my business, we were doing OK, but certainly not even half full most of the time. Our website was showing up on the 4th and 5th page in google's search results. Now we are on page one everytime" - Robert Frost, The Inn of the Turquoise Bear, Santa Fe, NM

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