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S.E.O., Hosting, SSL Certificates. Your websites must have all three!

You already host your website somewhere or else no one could see it. When hosting, you have an option to upgrade to SSL which website visitors insist on now. It seems that everyone, everywhere, highly recommends that you make this change to secured hosting. We provide top quality secured hosting, and the old standard hosting, at reasonable rates.

Security SSL Certificate

Here is the bottom line when considering a transition to a secured website: That pesky notice of security in the address bar!

Awareness of this notice and the accompanying 'lock' symbol, is increasing constantly. The reasons for the security are overwhelming really, and go well beyond anything you or your customers will notice... at least on the surface.

Search Engine Optimization

For at least 90% of businesses, simple website makers with an S.E.O. plugin will do the job well enough.

In a competitive field, however, this is just not going to work well for you. If everyone else is following the same path as you, what will set your business apart?

SEO Starting
at: $295/mo

The science of Search Engine Optimization is understanding how to influence which website comes up at the top of the search results. With over 14 years experience, we are certain to fix the ills which hold your business back, to find your niche and propel your Inn to the success you deserve.

SSL Certificate Package:

Secured (and regular) Hosting:

Website Design:

$295/mo (5 page website)

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